Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Dog Ate My Homework

 Three cup of coffee did more than keep Pedro up, the burst of caffeine fueled him as his fingered raced to finish the writing assignment that was due the next day..  The words would come together frantically, binding themselves in his head as he just poured them out in rushes.  As his finger clanked away, he couldn't help but think that
The neighbors’ dog Tully was actually friendly but had this nasty habit of barking at strange hours of the night.  Typically he could ignore it, but tonight he was on a roll, barely able to keep still with all the words wanting to get out of his head.  He settled back in the chair and resumed.  He thought about the power of words, of how they emanate from a pure source, a source outside of anything we can imagine. Words were the embodiment of
of...”damn it,” Pedro muttered.  He lost the train of thought.  It was gone, submerging itself back in his subconscious.  He walked over to the window and yelled, “Shut up, Tully!!!”  A meager, resistant bark was all she responded back.
 Later on, Pedro was almost finished; he just had to get that final point in for his conclusion.  Rubbing his eyes, it came to him, a pristine chain of words that would take this paper home.  He held them in his memory, knowing how evasive words can be.  Setting his hands to the keyboard, focusing on the words, on their texture, on their
on their...on their...on their nothing.  They were gone.  The blinking cursor laughed at him.  “That’s it!”  Pedro shouted, running off to his room.  Pedro unpacked and loaded his shotgun and raced outside.  Barks and curses filled the night air, only to be punctuated by the single blast of a shotgun.
The next morning the police were perplexed by what they found, or to be exact what they didn’t find.  Someone had left a shotgun in the park, which luckily the police found instead of a child, and traced the serial number back to one Pedro Iganacio Cadelta, but when they got to the house, it was undisturbed.  Pedro was nowhere to be found.  The neighborhood dog was missing.  The police only found some muddy canine prints in the house, and something on the screen that didn’t make any sense.  The computer monitor read

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