Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Sin of Diffculty

IX. The Sin of Difficulty the cartographer of the heart needs a piece of caramel parchment course but constant the size of the universe with all its creased edges and an obsidian inkwell austere not obsolete holding the silky volume of the night with its lingering litany of stars

Best of 2011

Fav Film: The Muppet Movie - it brought back all the joy I felt as a child...I'm so happy that I got to share the experience with my daughter!

Fav. Actor: Peter Dinklage on Game of Thrones- his depiction of Tyrion Lannister is something truly amazing.

Fav. Director: Tarsem Singh ...for his use of color and sweeping establishing shots in The Fall

Fav TV Show (Cable): Game of Thrones - Few shows, and narratives, have the guts to cut off the head of the protagonist midway through the season...Winter is coming, and we are so not ready.

Fav TV Show (Network-kind of): Walking Dead - the ending of the midseason finale left me stunned...literally...few shows pull that off.

Fav Series from across the pond:
Tie- Doctor Who and Luther - Bow ties are still cool, and Idris Alba owns the titular role as a damaged DCI.

Fav. Helene Quote: "Actually, Dad,..." She's way too young for the back talk. I'm in so much trouble when she becomes a teenager. O.o

Fav. Martha Quote: "So, what are you going to work on around the house while you're on vacation?" - We need to work on the definition of vacation. Love you, wifey :)

Fav. Quick Meal when I'm too lazy to cook: Burrito Bowl from Miami Lakes Chipotle closely followed up with frozen yogurt...or cupcakes...then naps.

Fav Book: I've been insatiably reading the Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin since watching The Game of Thrones

Fav. Late Night Snack: chocolate covered cashews with a spoonful of Nutella

Fav. On-Going Comic Series: The Walking Dead - again...but I'll admit I didn't care much for the last story arc of the year.

Fav. Comic Graphic Novel: Scenes from an Impending Marriage by Adrian Tomine - Short, sweet, and it perfectly captures what feels like to plan a wedding, for better or for worse.

Fav Song: The Sound of Settling by Death Cab for Cutie - H and I have been singing this nonstop since I first played it for her.

Fav. Artist whose station holds the lion's share on my attention on Pandora: Matt and Kim... so infectious and upliftiing that they have kept me zoned in during long work days.

Fav. Music Performance: Stars at the Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale on October be fair, this might have been the best live performance I've ever seen since seeing Tori Amos at the Kravis center.

Fav PS3 Game: Portal 2 - The writing on this game was spot on...hilarious and exhilarating. The final moments were pure lunacy...oh, and "Sppaaaccceeee!!!"

Fav DS Game: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future...because a gentleman never leaves a mystery unsolved.

Fav PC Game: Anything in the last Humble PC pile of shame is...well, shameful...

Fav Ipod Touch App: Jetpack Joyride - Seriously, how do you not love a game with a protagonist named Barry Steakfries?

Fav IPad App: Groove Coaster - infectious and pulsating rhythm game from the people who made Space Invaders: Infinity Gene. It's like a rave in my iPad, minus the glow sticks and the grabby hands.

Fav. Thing to Watch at 5AM: Modern Family on ABC app while having breakfast. I can watch Cam all day!

Fav Family Event: Morikami Trip - Peaceful start to the year! Helene, M, and I were joined by Kenni, Paul, Danny, and Lu Lu. Good times!

Fav. Work Trip:
Cafe Cultura's trip to CMA's in Orlando. Don't think I've laughed so hard in my students taught me two important life lessons: 1. My job as a father is to mainly say, "it's going to be alright." 2. People who drive Nissans are jerks.

Favorite Moment when my mind was blown wide open: Jorge Volpi's lecture at the Miami International Bookfair where he presented on how the human mind is really a fiction generator...I've been thinking about how I wear my fiction suit ever since.

Fav Tech Development: Nest Learning's by the designer who worked on the iPod, and it's oh so slick...even for a thermostat.

Fav Online Troup: Auto Tune the News...refreshing and catchy way of capturing the absurdity of the 21st know, so we can all sing along to the collapse of western civilization.

Fav Podcast: The Comedy Button - Their podcasts and movie commentary are the bee's knees...oh, and so NSFW... seriously, if you are easily (or, to be honest, moderately) offended, stay away. Everyone else, enjoy!

Fav Tea: Matcha Green Tea from Teavana...yummy stuff...and it's good for you.

Fav. Coffee: cortadito from Versailles...perfect mix (I think they used condensed milk!)

Fav. Socks: Brown if I could only pull off wearing my argyle sweater.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sin llama

ink in clusters
like little spiders
fumbling out of my month
backward weavings
which I pry apart
bleeding black, elastic words
festering foul in their gesticulations
spelling out the one thing that I want
even though it will burn me
until I taste of ashes
and wistful wasted webs