Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Transmigrating Dream - July 18, 2008

...you pray for rain...I pray for blindness

"We are things made of wonder."

  In the beginning, there was water, lots of it.   Rushing in over fences, through windows.  Water penetrating as only water does, and the whole time I can't save anyone.  I strategize, first to go high, top floor if possible...it doesn't help.  The sea rises, the wave crests, and we're all washed away.
  The second time I tell them to head for the vault, which is waterproof.  This time we feel the water hit, but instead of a mad rush, this time the water trickles in through the cracks, slowly filling the room.
  The last time doesn't make sense, I'm on a trolley that is acting as a boat; I can tell from the rocking side to side.  There's only one other person in it, and I am offered a choice.

  In the bookstore I'm trying to keep up with Helene, and for some reason the song "What the world needs now is Love" is playing itself in my head.  My little one is yelling, "Corri! Corri!" as she runs through the labyrinthine aisles of books, and the world feels perfect to me at the moment.
  Twenty minutes later I'm in line at the cafe when the synchronicity kicks in.  The girl behind me starts singing "what the worlds need now is love, sweet live." Then girl in front gives her name to the barista, the same name as the passenger of the floating trolley.  The pronunciation is uncanny; it reverberates exactly how it did in the dream, in a sing song manner, going from high to low to middle.  In between the singing and the name, I find it funny that it is raining outside.