Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dialectical Dialogues XXXI - XXXIII

(At Hospital.  P.A. System announces "Code: Blue in Emergency Department.")
Me:  Somebody's day just went to shit.
Camus's Stranger:  Man, that's not even funny.
Me:  Wasn't trying to be...

Sherlock Holmes:  What happened to your eye?
Groucho Marx:  My daughter poked it really hard.
Holmes:  That sucks.
Marx:  Nah, it just fulfills the axiom in my life that every female that I know will eventually hurt me.
Holmes:  You're such a drama queen.

Electra:  The least he could have done was text me on my birthday.
Eugene O'Neill:   Why do you even care?
Electra:  I don't...
O'Neill:  Then why are we talking about this?
Electra:  Because it would have been a nice gesture to show that I'm a blip in his life.
O'Neill:  The sooner you realize that you're nothing to him, the better for all of us.

Apollo:  I can't help but hate myself for having feelings for you.
Σελήνη: ...the sooner you forgive yourself, the easier it will be to forget me.

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