Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Overview


Fav Helene Friendly Show: Fuller House - She can't stop saying "How Rude!"

Fav Juliette Show: Mother Goose Club - Because watching sing validated this whole.  Kid loves the music.

Fav Thing Netflix Show: Luke Cage.  Sweet Christmas indeed

Fav Actor: Whole cast from Stranger Things - Yes, all of them...because they really made that show.

Fav TV Show (Cable): Westworld - Because it questions what it means to be human, on multiple levels.

Fav Non-Gaming Podcast: WTF with Marc Maron.  Marc Maron is the Charlie Rose of the podcast work.  His conversational style always drives to the heart of the matter.  

Fav Film:  Arrival - smart writing with strong performances.  Amy Adams is stellar, pun intended.

Fav Book: 2010: Odyssey Two by Arthur C. Clarke.  Spent the summer with the whole series.  Enjoyed the sense of wonder ties to the hard science, and peril, of space travel.  One reason why I love sci-fi is because I strongly believe that we are meant to explorer, to head out, and see what's out there.  This book nurtured that belief.  

Fav WTF Literary Moment: When Bob Dylan won the Noble Prize in Literature.  Really, people?  

Fav. On-Going Comic Series: Walking Dead.  Catching up on the trades and like where the story is headed.  Beware of the Whisperers.

Fav Song: Recover by Chvrches - Because 2016 was all about unwanted, but much needed, truths, and Chvrches helped me understand.

Fav Piece of Tech: Peeble. Yes, that is an ugly smartwatch on my wrist.  Deal with it.

Fav. Artist whose station holds the lion's share on my attention on Pandora: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou ... for helping me head down to the river and pray

Fav Video Game Score: Virginia.  Especially that one scene that is completely influenced by Julee Cruise, such a good thing.  

Fav PS4 Game: The Witcher 3.  I came to this game a little late, but so glad I played it.  Finished main campaign and the first DLC, Hearts of Stone, and am now playing through second and last DLC. This game is a world in itself, and I so glad I got to visit for a bit.   

Fav PSVita Game: Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. Pure digital comfort food.  Satisfied this weird Virtual Pet meets Persona itch that I didn't know I had and felt really good scratching.

Fav Video Game Choice That Made Me Really Think:  The final choice of Life is Strange.  In the struggle between bae and bay, bae won out.

Fav. Video Game World:  Mad Max. Spent hours trying to tame the WasteLand...until I realized that the WasteLand untamed me. 

Fav App: Quiz Up... Because I like beating people at trivia.  Yeah, I'm petty that way.

Favorite Moment when my mind was blown wide open: Third Act of Westworld.  We all wear two hats, whether we like to admit it or not.

Fav Gaming Podcast: PS I Love You (Kinda Funny's PlayStation podcast)  Miller and Moriarty keep providing engaging and precise commentary on all things PlayStation.  These two really keep focus of the term of Enthusiast Press journalistically grounded. Long Live, Vita Island!

Fav New Food:  Scottish Egg.  A boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat then breaded and deep fried.  It found a soft spot in my heart, then clogged it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge: A

A = Arcade

  When going to the mall, my father and I have a implicit understanding.  I would be on my best behavior, not knocking over fragile store goods, throwing ear-piercing tantrums, and what not, provided that he would give me five dollars.  The money was not for a toy or even for ice cream; it was for the arcade.  The arcade was a place of wonder for me.  The cacophony of blinking screens was the main source of illumination, overpowering the few rays of sunlight that sporadically managed to sneak in.  The soundtrack was a chaotic landscape of chip-tuned bleeps, all crying for tokens.  I can't even begin to count the hours, or the money, that I spent in that arcade growing up.  The cabinets weren't just about play, but about the foundations of my life.  My early ideas of driving came from Out Run.  Afterburner taught me that you can get out of almost any sticky situation with a good barrel roll.  Waiting in line to play Street Fighter II was an exercise in patience.  Knights of the Round taught me all about collaboration and team work. During those years I didn't care that the games were built around the goal of taking my money.  It was a fair exchange; five buck allowed me to escape a bit, to take on another role, and ultimately to do what I could never really do in real life, to save the day.  The mall arcade is all but gone these days. If the bookstore was the heart of the mall, the arcade was its prefrontal cortex, and sadly today's mall lacks both.  While cabinets still exist today, their surrounded by other games that are more of the carnival variety in places that celebrate pizza and rodents.  Gaming at home, while great, is just not the same.  The arcade was our church where we celebrated our credo "Just one more turn," and while we gamers still pray today, we play alone.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anatomy of Regret (2013 Revision)

  The chicken lays stretched out on the cool grey morning pavement of the turnpike. Its white ribs are exposed to the new sun, and its still eyes uselessly stare at the violet and azure sky filled with multi-tiered clouds. Five minutes from now Willie will drive past the chicken. He will slightly jerk his steering wheel to the right to avoid the chicken because he a) doesn't want his wheel to touch dead flesh and spatter remains onto his undercarriage. . . b) someone somewhere told him that santeros (or is it brujeros) leave chickens on the road to transfer the sins of a client onto the person who touches it.
  If Willie would have been paying more attention, he would have recalled that someone somewhere specifically mentioned that the dead chickens are always left at intersections or crossroads. He would have also recalled the importance that crossroads have been given.
  It is on the crossroads that you decide where you will go with your life. It is there that, when you were Oedipus, you met with a stranger that was really your father. And as Oepidus, you fought your father and murdered him and casually continued on your way to Thebes to marry a stranger who was really your mother and have children with her. And years later, as Oedipus, you learned the truth of the path you'd chosen and gouge out your eyes as the audience looks on in horror.
  Willie will not think of the chicken and the crossroads. He will try to really picture this someone somewhere more clearly because it has been years since he has seen her. The chicken will be vanishing in his rear-view window when he will insert his favorite 10,000 Maniacs CD and select Track 5. This song has always reminded him of her, and listening to it serves as a sort of masochistic meditative ritual. He will hear the song, think of her, and try to piece together what happened to them. His mind will uselessly try to pry at events, stretching out memories of times spent together. On the shimmering asphalt, he searches his lifeless heart in hopes of at least some sort of transfiguration (at best some sort of resurrection).
  Was it August or September? Not that it mattered. Facts are only hanging ornaments on the Christmas trees of our past, waiting to be boxed up after the season passes. He remembers wanting borders, something solid and square and distinctly early 20th century. Someone somewhere wanted their love to be open like grazing pastures, growing green in April. Willie will think about how this need for definition is really a manifestation of his desire to control his life, and hers in turn. Years from now and from the chicken he will believe that her ultimate goal might have been to allow their love to grow without restrictions, making it ever-changing so that it would endure. He will blame this contrast in ideologies for the casual, slow disintegration of their relationship.
  The truth was that she simply did not love him. The chicken knew it; the glistening asphalt knew it; even Track 5 knew it. He had spent (and would continue to spend) years alone trying to dissect and comprehend why someone somewhere was with someone else somewhere else so far away. He would wonder if he should have called again, or maybe he should have written a letter. He would contemplate what he could have done to keep someone somewhere close to him. None of which would have actually changed anything. Ultimately, he would construct dreams of a fictional life together. And as his love for her would logically fade, his love for the fictional construct of her would grow.
  Years from now he will accidentally run into her in line for coffee. They will chat a little about their careers and friends who've passed away. In the spaces between the seconds he will try to muster up the courage to invite her to dinner, but he will fail. His fear will convert itself into silence and ultimately inaction. After their brief chat, she will pick up her chai latte, give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and tell him that it was good seeing him. As she walks out of the cafe (and his life), Willie will carefully watch her leave. For some unknown, Willie will remember the Cumean Sibyl's Greek answer in the epigraph of T.S. Elliot's "The Waste Land."

  At 7:33 AM on this warm Thursday morning, a white Honda Accord abruptly swerves a bit to the right to miss the carcass of a decomposing chicken. Its opaque eyes beg the question: Sybulla ti theleis?

Friday, January 4, 2013

#Flashfriday 1/4/2003

Nature is not supposed to be silent. She should be loud and obnoxious, filled with creatures and critters crawling and crunching their way through life, but when that thing came stumbling towards camp, everything in the woods went silent, except for the loose sound of shuffling feet.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Best of 2012

Best of 2012

Fav Helene Friendly Movie: Wreck-It Ralph - Loved all the video game references plus loved how H got into the story.

Fav Film (that I found on Netflix at 2am): Pontypool...a quasi-zombie flick where language is the virus that in an odd way adheres, for the most part, to Aristotelian principles of unity... what's not to love..

Fav. Actor: Steve Buscemi on Boardwalk Empire- Buscemi's portrayal of Nucky Thompson was all kinds of way. Bobby Cannavale's performance as Gyp Rosetti was a close second.

Fav. Director: Wes Anderson for Moonrise Kingdom...for giving me a whimsical escape for a few hours.
Fav TV Show (Cable): Game of Thrones - loved what they did for season two (even with the changes from the source material). The final sequence is really what good television is all about.

Fav TV Show (Network-kind of): None...liked Walking Dead, but caught myself on Netflix more often than not.

Fav Late to the Party TV moment: discovering how amazing Arrested Development is...seriously, how could a show that good get cancelled?

Fav Series from across the pond:
Doctor Who - Bow ties are still cool (again). Really liked how the Amy and Rory story lines were wrapped up...the "Last Page" monologue being a really moving touch (Note to Universe: if anyone ever feels the need to tell me goodbye, that's how you do it.)

Fav thing to watch at 5AM: Black Books...nothing says good morning like "sod off"

Fav. Helene Quote: "Are you kidding me, Dad?" Maybe...maybe not.

Fav. Martha Quote: "Did you leave work yet?" Nope.

Fav. Quick Meal when I'm too lazy to really cook: Kraft Mac n Cheese...H loved the Phineas and Ferb macaroni shapes

Fav Book: Sense of an Ending by Barnes...because our scattered perceptions/memories can only ever lead us to a shattered truth/truce.

Fav. Late Night Snack: chamomile tea with honey and milk

Fav. On-Going Comic Series: The Walking Dead - default...not really reading anything else.

Fav. Comic Graphic Novel: Building Stories by Chris Ware - the fragments of the characters' lives come together in such a monumentally meaning manner. 

Fav Song: Pushing the Function Key by Oliver the Penguin - Love this song for reminding me that it is good to run away from the things we have come to care for.

Fav. Artist whose station holds the lion's share on my attention on Pandora: Explosions in the Sky...for putting the fight back in post rock.

Fav. Music Performance: Metric at the Fillmore, South Beach...second time seeing them live, and second time I was blown away by how great they performed.

Fav PS3 Game: Mass Effect 3...for helping me finish the fight...and countless hours on the multiplayer.

Fav DS Game: Alien Infestation...feels like an 8 bit game directed by James Cameron...and the score is spot on.

Fav PC Game: Home- so simple yet so terrifying

Fav Ipod Touch App: virtual pet cemetery would make Stephen King cringe

Fav IPad App: simple and elegant...H and I love doodling.
Fav Family Event: Disneyworld marathon!  3 Parks × 1 day = infinite fun

Fav. Work Trip:
Tie between Tendai's Megacon Trip and Capture's Photo Expedition. Highlights: zombie walk. Robot Chicken panel, key lime pie on a stick, first sunset 

Favorite Moment when my mind was blown wide open: Ware/Kidd/Burns panel lecture at the Miami International Bookfair. Panels abouts panels about an Inception for us geeks 

Fav Podcast: We're Alive. Zombie podcast that got through the Walking Dead breaks...the writers were really using their braaaiiiiinnnnnsssss.

Fav Tea: Earl Grey with German sugar rocks and a splash of milk...add some biscuits, and I'm in heaven.

Fav. Coffee: Colada from Subs and Rock...I keep this up, and I'm just asking for another kidney stone.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ramblings from last night's presidential debate

Things I'd rather be doing right now instead of watching this last presidential debate:
1.  File my nails razor sharp then pick my nose.

2.  Get into a head-butting contest with a genetically modified creature whose head is really a butt.

3.  Skinny dip in a mini pool full of half-starved piranha.

4.  Create a "five-step plan" that allows me to selectively go deaf, or dead, when Romney speaks.

5.  Burn every red tie in my wardrobe.

6.  Build a stage so that my cats can have their own debate.

7.  Work on my Romney smirk in a shattered mirror.

8.  Play pong with my feet...while blindfolded...against a dolphin.

9.  Lovingly hug a cactus...then high-five Edward Scissorhands.  

10.  Watch Gigli.

For another awesome point of view, check AJ's post!  Link below. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dialectical Dialogues XXXI - XXXIII

(At Hospital.  P.A. System announces "Code: Blue in Emergency Department.")
Me:  Somebody's day just went to shit.
Camus's Stranger:  Man, that's not even funny.
Me:  Wasn't trying to be...

Sherlock Holmes:  What happened to your eye?
Groucho Marx:  My daughter poked it really hard.
Holmes:  That sucks.
Marx:  Nah, it just fulfills the axiom in my life that every female that I know will eventually hurt me.
Holmes:  You're such a drama queen.

Electra:  The least he could have done was text me on my birthday.
Eugene O'Neill:   Why do you even care?
Electra:  I don't...
O'Neill:  Then why are we talking about this?
Electra:  Because it would have been a nice gesture to show that I'm a blip in his life.
O'Neill:  The sooner you realize that you're nothing to him, the better for all of us.

Apollo:  I can't help but hate myself for having feelings for you.
Σελήνη: ...the sooner you forgive yourself, the easier it will be to forget me.